Ugo, Pastels, 8x8
Ugo, Pastels, 8x8


Almost everyone has had a dream no matter how far a plane, swim the English Channel, raise a family, win the Nobel Peace Prize. Sometimes we even manage to fulfill our fantasies; other times they remain beyond our grasp. Then suddenly one morning you wake up, look in the mirror, assess the physical effects of a life well lived and realize, it's now or never.

I had always loved photography and still pursue it avidly. I turned to ceramics, even opening my own studio. I have written a few family biographies and have begun a memoir. But, it still wasn't enough and I knew there was no time to waste.

What I really wanted to do was to draw, paint, create. In time I worked up the courage and joined Tucson's Drawing Studio where surprisingly enough I did not fall flat on my face. I took classes, workshops, watched endless tutorials beginning to feel emboldened. With that extra ounce of confidence I began to loosen up and enjoy the process. It had become less daunting and gradually I was even producing art that I was proud to own.

I am neither Picasso nor da Vinci. I am me and loving this new adventure. I hope you will enjoy a few of the fruits of my labor.

Welcome to my colorful world!

Irene V. Martinelli